⛱️ Lost Toys Quest Lite

Upgrade your @White List role to @Lite List!

All the owners of the @White List role can upgrade it to the @Lite List thus decreasing the mint prize from 12 to 8 $MATIC just completing the first part of the Lost Toys Quest which consists of 8 simple tasks. The order you complete the tasks doesn't matter.

The Silver key to the toy chest (Quest item).

Only one task can be skipped here buying the Silver key to the toy chest for 25k $OCTO.

To get the key use OctoPeeps Capitan bot /buy command and choose the corresponding item in drop-up menu:

You can buy the Silver key at the very beginning of your journey or closer to its end - it does not really matter - but you can buy this item only once.

When collecting all 8 items or 7 + Silver key please go to # 🎫┊open-ticket channel in our Discord and open a support ticket. We will check everything out and send you the @Lite List role NFT to be able to create a snapshot before PRIME MINT phase.

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