🎭 WL Roles NFTs

To sort users in all WL tires easily we will be sending them the corresponding NFTs. Don't forget to pass the holder verification in OctoPeeps # ✅┊nft-verify Discord channel to get the corresponding WL role automatically.

NFT and WL role transfer.

You can send this NFT to other user like for example gift or sell it and the new owner will get your WL role automatically as well even without quests completion - it's up to you - but you will not be able to claim the new one WL role NFT after that!

Buying the Roles NFTs on OctoPeeps Raffle Market.

If you are an OctoPeeps holder already and have enough $FATH you can upgrade your @White List role without quests completion by purchasing the desirable Role NFT on our Raffle Market. You can buy 8 @Lite List role NFTs and 8 @Prime List role NFTs per wallet to gift or sell them. Just keep one for yourself so as not to lose your upgraded WL role.

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